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FIGMENT CAUSTICS - 03_LAKE is an animated caustics texture, split into 3 separate depth levels, that can be used for lighting in 3D animation, stop-motion, virtual production and live-action.

These caustics are not your typical procedural noise maps, that have been made to "look like caustics". Instead, each caustic texture has been painstakingly calculated by shooting light through a displaced 3D surface and capturing it at different depths - all while making sure that the result looks great and, crucially, that all of the textures loop and tile.



  • Includes 3 different depth levels calculated from the same water surface: Shallow, Deep and Abyss
  • This makes for a total of 3 animated caustic textures - that can be used individually, or mixed in the same scene at different depth levels
  • 2K (2048 x 2048 pixels) resolution
  • All textures tile seamlessly
  • All textures loop seamlessly
  • 240 unique frames per texture loop
  • Made for 24 fps timelines, but intentionally created in 48 fps to enable both realtime 24 fps playback (2x speed/skip every second frame) and slow-motion playback in 24 fps (playing all frames). For 24 fps timelines this means 5 seconds per loop in realtime and 10 seconds per loop in slow-motion
  • Exposed for minimal clipping, ensuring freedom when applying your own curves to textures as needed
  • Delivered in high quality JPEG + Quicktime ProRes 422 HQ 10bit


  • Includes example scenes for 3ds max with these render engines: V-Ray, Corona, Arnold, Redshift and finalRender
  • Includes the submerged teapot scene in the following formats: max, fbx, abc


The video below is a presentation of ALL products from the FIGMENT CAUSTICS - VOLUME 1 collection and is included on this page for comparison purposes only.

You can download a high-quality mp4 video file (315mb) of the catalogue here.


Single User License - Commercial
Team License (10 users) - Commercial
Studio License (Unlimited users) - Commercial
Educational License (Unlimited users) for a single school

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3 Animated Caustics (1 type with 3 depth levels) with 240 frames per texture at 2048x2048 pixels

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