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FIGMENT WATER - 02_CARIBBEAN is an animated displacement map that gives flat surfaces depth and the characteristic motion of water.

Add realistic motion to your arch-viz renders in seconds with this texture pack of realistic water displacement. Created for anyone who would rather spend their time making beautiful renders than tinkering with procedural noise maps or 3rd party plugins.

Just add the map in a displacement slot/modifier on your water surface and adjust the UVW mapping and speed of the map until your are satisfied with the result. For water with surface detail like specks/foam/oil, use the vector map instead (if your software supports vector displacement) to have the details stick to the water as it splashes back and forth.

Need more than one realistic water displacement type? Save some money by getting the full collection here.


  • Includes 2 types of displacement: Mono and Vector
  • Mono (Up/Down): 2K (2048 x 2048 pixels) in 16-bit PNG format
  • Vector (XYZ): 1K (1024 x 1024 pixels) in EXR format
  • All textures loop seamlessly
  • All textures tile seamlessly
  • 240 unique frames per texture loop
  • Created in 48 fps to support slow motion. Simply set playback speed to 2x to get 5 seconds of 24 fps playback (skipping every second frame) or leave playback speed at 1x to get 10 seconds of slow moving water at 24 fps.
  • A perfect match for my animated caustics in FIGMENT CAUSTICS - VOLUME 1


The video below is a presentation of ALL products from the FIGMENT WATER - VOLUME 1 collection and is included on this page for comparison purposes only.

You can download a high-quality mp4 video file (496mb) of the catalogue here.


Single User License - Commercial
Team License (10 users) - Commercial
Studio License (Unlimited users) - Commercial
Educational License (Unlimited users) for a single school

Please do not repackage, share or resell this content

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2 realistic animated water displacement maps: Mono 16-bit PNG (2048x2048 pixels) and Vector EXR (1024x1024 pixels) with 240 frames each

766 MB
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